Policies, Plans, and Reports

Our Policies

Policy A-1 Mission Statement Policy
Policy B-1 Board Member Orientation
Policy B-2 Honoraria for Board Members
Policy B-3 Facilities
Policy B-4 Community Relations
Policy C-1 Collection and Selection
Policy C-2 Resource Sharing
Policy C-3 Freedom of Information
Policy C-4 Computer Internet Public Access
Policy C - 5 Financial Control
Policy C-6 Personnel Policy
Policy C-7 Working Alone
Policy C-8 Patron Code of Conduct
Policy C-9 Unattended and Disruptive Children
Policy C-10 Programs
Policy C-11 Animals in the Library
Policy C-12 Emergency Preparedness
Policy C-13 Staff and Board Appreciation
Policy D-1 Shut-In Service Policy

Our Plan of Service